Content Management

Sites Define content site, URL configuration and user assignment.

Modules Define modules against each site with their header, footer and side navigation bars. Also manage the content tree through which page urls are generated.

Page Types Standard page types like article, blog post, folder page available in system. New page types can be defined on request.

Page Define page against any page type and maintain its fields and content. Use Page Builder tool to design the page using sections and widgets. Standard widgets allow placing of navigation and forms.

Forms Design Forms using the form builder tool using sections and widgets. Place the form on any page using the form widget.

Events Maintain events along with media library.

Templates Save any page as template to reuse in any new page. Templates will save section and widget configuration and not any data.

Navigation Define header/footer/sidebar navigation with tree structure and internal/external links.

File Manager Dedicated cloud-based file manager for storing media library like images and documents.